RARE GARAGE AUTO L.L.C. is a Japanese influenced classic vehicle importing business! We aim to help people experience not only owning Japanese cars but also becoming a part of Japanese car culture by sharing our common intrest and knowlage in everything japan!
RARE GARAGE AUTO aims to make the process of owning and maintaining a Japanese classic vehicle easier for its customers. Customers can select a vehicle from the inventory or request the importation of their required vehicle through our CAR HUNTER page.
We have extensive experience in sourcing cars from Japan. In addition to our experience, we ACTUALLY travel back and forth to japan and making sure we provide the best and highest quality vehicles that have been thoroughly checked and tested before they leave the port!
Our goal is to provide PEACE OF MIND when buying cars that your dealing with a import company that doesnt just buy cars online but takes the time to provide you the highest quality service in the same fashion that you would recive in japan! This intimate understanding of Japanese culture is the core strength of RARE GARAGE AUTO.L.L.C.

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