What cars can be imported?

Anything that is 25 years or older by its “Manufacturing date”, month and year (like a birthday). Example... If a car is produced in March 1993 its available for import March 2018.


How to registering a JDM vehicle?

Out of state? GREAT! Here at rare garage auto we are a licensed and bonded auto dealership. We will give you all the supporting documents needed to register the car in your state as if it were a normal used car sales transaction.


In Washington? GREAT! Even simpler. We will handle your tax, tabs and registration at our location and save you a trip to the DMV office.


Is it hard to drive RHD?

Not at all.  Piece of cake.

Do you source vehicles?

Yes! Please select the CAR HUNTER tab and we’ll help you find your DREAM CAR!


How does RARE® source there cars?

We have had the pleasure and RARE opportunity to work and visit multiple sources abroad in Japan to secure reliable and transparent partners.


Yes! We would be happy to provide a shipping quote for you.


If being picked up at our location we will provide temporary plates for your ride home.


Can you import a car that is not 25 years old?

Nope, all cars that we import must comply with state and federal regulations.